Accurate Monitor for Search Engines

Study the position of your website in Google or Yahoo



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Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is an interesting tool for webmasters and online marketers who are looking for some tool to guide their steprs through the ever complicated positioning of a website on the internet.

The program is very simple to use. You just enter a search profile with the URL whose positioning you are going to study, the keywords for which we get results, and the search engines that we are interested in. Within seconds, Accurate Monitor for Search Engines will give you the list of positions of websites following each word you requested in the right pane of your interface.

Accurate Monitor for Search Engines includes an infinite number of search engines from more than thirty countries, so that you can check the positioning of your web pages in the most important search engines of the country that most interests you, or go to sellect one to another directly from the list.

The results are displayed in a list divided into tabs through which you can know easily, by graphs and reports, the evolution that your website is having in its position in the search engines that most interest you.

Limited to 30 days of use.
-It does not allow you to export or print the generated reports.
-You can enter a maximum of ten keywords in every search.

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